Thorough Design Consolidation

I just finished my first good short story!

Check it out. (It has dragons)

Why the name and URL?

Thorough Design Consolidation is just a fancy term for something I've been wanting to do for a while: compile a single, secure, and comprehensive database of all the personal or otherwise willfully undertaken projects I've ever done (and am doing, and will ever do) that have been sufficiently documented and can be represented in an electronic format, especially my myriad LEGO creations. It also forms the same initialism that the title of my book does, therefore I can use it interchangeably. Additionally, I like the way TDC sounds, and the fact that it's unambiguously unpronounceable as a word.

This website is under my dad's domain, POBspace. In 2009, this specific URL was created for a since-destroyed version of this website exclusively for my LEGO creations, hence "legos". Thus we have

(Apologies for any formatting inconsistencies on mobile.)