Consciousness Synchronization

The brain together-maker uses special stuff to make two brains exactly the same all the time. It is used to control big machines that are used to kill the right people and things so that lots of people and things don't get killed. The brain together-maker lets the person control the machine with his brain even if he isn't anywhere near the machine. To make the brain together-maker work, the person needs to go asleep really cold so they can make a new brain just like the one he has while that brain isn't doing anything. Then he wakes up from being asleep really cold at the same time the other brain is started and the brains work like they're exactly the same. Then the new brain is put right inside one of the machines. A machine can be controlled with the brain together-maker when the person who wants to use it sleeps, because his brain isn't controlling his normal body at that time.

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