Project Adamas

The first of its kind, Project Adamas is an attempt to create an entire, independently sustainable human society capable of outlasting the affects of a nuclear holocaust in an underground facility. Its participants are drawn from an artificially diverse sample of United States citizens, including many veterans. To maximize the chances of a participant joining the project, candidates are normally chosen from intelligent, previously successful, or otherwise high-potential individuals who are currently doing little in the way of productivity. The psychological effects caused by an offer to one of these individuals to join the Project nearly guarantees compliance. This is ideal, as memory-wipes need be preformed on any candidate who declines acceptance into the Project to retain Monarch's secrecy.

Participants of the Project are encouraged to pursue creative endeavors and constantly further their education. The arts are especially encouraged; this helps mitigate any symptoms caused by the unique situation of being in an isolated society, as well as perpetuates and develops culture for when the participants may go above-ground after the fallout from nuclear war.

Procreation is mildly encouraged, as the minimum lifespan of the Monarch facility is 110 years. However, if the population increases beyond sustainable levels, the participants will begin to be segregated by sex to ensure the longevity of the Project. If the number of participants should begin to drop, or if the 110 year limit has been reached, the facility will begin consolidating participants into as few sectors of the facility as possible to minimize resource expenditure.

Project Adamas in intended to last indefinitely.