The Monarch Corporation

Monarch exists, in near-absolute secret, to bring into realization two plans for dealing with the threat of apocalyptic nuclear war. These plans are Project Adamas and the ENDWeapon Program.

In essence, Project Adamas is the creation and population of a large-scale bomb shelter designed for the sole purpose of outlasting a nuclear holocaust. As constructed and with standard resource regulations, the facility can sustain its full capacity for a minimum of 110 years. This bomb shelter is also the Monarch headquarters and the facility in which the ENDWeapons are developed and operated, meaning that the one facility is the only structure in which Monarch exists, aside from the military blacksites that serve as forward operating bases for ENDWeapon use.

The more optimistic of the two ideas, the ENDWeapon Program is responsible for the development of weapon systems capable of destroying any enemy craft or facility known to possess nuclear weapons. Other weapons and craft are also developed to aid in this goal. Another objective of the ENDWeapon Program is to design a completely immersive interface for the weapons' operators so that maximum control and therefore effectiveness of the weapons can be achieved. Discretion is a key element of the ENDWeapon Program; with the United States having sold the land in which the Monarch Facility is constructed, no nationality is in any way responsible for its actions, even though Monarch operates on behalf of the United States Military as instructed by the vice president.

Along with sanctioning the creation of the Monarch Corporation, the vice president acts on behalf of the corporation should an event related to either project come to light, and ensures that no trace of Monarch's presence is found. This allows the president deniability in the event of global tension created by an event such as an ENDWeapon attack on an enemy facility that was not entirely contained. Should a new vice president be suspected of being of a disposition that would suggest opposition to Monarch's existence or the existence of either of its programs, that vice president is simply not informed of the corporation, and the former vice president continues to act as Monarch's agent in government.

Monarch derives most of its funding from platinum mined from near-Earth asteroids. To launch the Monarch Corporation however, initial funds were allocated by the vice president.