R-1 Wyvern

Being a Retaliation Class Weapon, the R-1 is designed to be effective in any number of emergency situations, including incapacitating a rogue ENDWeapon. More for theatricality and intimidation than actual effect, a high-output flamethrower is mounted below the jaw of the R-1. On each of its shoulders rests three laser-guided missiles and a short-range nuclear missile. An independently-powered railgun occupies the right arm, as does a wrist-mounted artillery gun. On the left arm is a Multi-Ammunition Rotary Gun, or MARG, able to freely switch between firing several different types of ammunition, including full metal jacket, armor piercing, incendiary, anti-tank, and combustion-propelled grenades all of various sizes. Attached to each arm is a high-fidelity manipulator as well as a hijack blade.

Due to the location of and extreme recoil exerted by the railgun, the R-1 must position itself as to fire from a stance of stability when operating it. This position also allows for the nuclear missiles to be fired.

As a Retaliation Class Weapon, the R-1 is deployed via satellite, and to minimize the time to target, is dropped in an acceleration capsule which breaks apart shortly before touchdown. The practically indestructible build of the R-1, along with the design of its legs, allows for sufficient absorption of the impact from landing at speeds exceeding terminal velocity. This optimizes drop time and grants the ability to engage a target immediately upon touchdown.

The R-1 was originally to implement an experimental collapsible wing design for flight of high efficiency and control. This feature was postponed, however, due to the accelerated global tension during its production.

(IRL version)