Chemical Synthesis Bank

As the brain is subject to chemicals introduced through the bloodstream, naturally created or otherwise, and since consciousness synchronization necessitates a perfectly identical, functional proxy brain, a chemical synthesis bank in each ENDWeapon is used to provide the elements necessary to make any chemical that would be present in a pilot’s native brain. The data for the chemical composition of a pilot’s blood at any given time is forcibly stored by the native CSA in the short term memory as sensory information, thus it can be transmitted to the proxy CSA as part of the consciousness.

To account for the possibility of otherwise imminent bank depletion, the CSB is equipped with an emergency hydrogen steam reformer that can be fed from external sources by the ENDWeapon itself. This is all that is necessary, as the CSB can synthesize any needed element from hydrogen alone.

The CSB is also responsible for preserving the well-being of the proxy brain, should the pilot's native body fail. Upon being informed of a complete lack of blood-flow to the native brain, the CSB will will override control of the CSA to sustain the proxy brain. This process has never been tested on a human subject, however, and is only known to be possible with a human consciousness in theory.