ER-0 Liberator

While technically not part of the ENDWeapon Program, the ER-0 is officially classified as such due to its obrinium endoskeleton and consciousness synchronization control interface. Aside from the Monarch facility as a whole, the ER-0 is the only real link between the ENDWeapon Program and Project Adamas, as its purpose is to clear away rubble from on or around the exit out of the Monarch facility, should nuclear war or other factors result in the exit being obstructed for the participants of Project Adamas.

The ER-0 uses standard short-range missiles for clearing away loose debris from near the exit, and since the entire exterior of the Monarch facility is coated with obrinium, there is no risk of damaging any part of the facility. For more substantial earth-removal, the ER-0 uses its laser cannon in conjunction with its gravity dilusion charges to loosen large masses of earth. The laser is capable of burning through several meters of rock per second, drawing its energy from the reactions of the on-board hadron collider. After a column of rock has been burnt away, the ER-0 then sends down its gravity dilution charges, collapsing the gravity field affecting the obstruction. This remaining debris can then be removed or otherwise used with the large manipulator on the right arm of the ER-0.

The ER-0 stays ready and safe from interference in geostationary orbit, as it need not move relative to the Monarch facility.

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