O-6 Eviscerator

The O-6 exists for such purposes as razing underground facilities, incapacitating large weapons and vehicles, and destroying other types of individual structures which might pose a tactical threat or cause a strategic disadvantage. The primary weapon system the O-6 uses to accomplish these objectives is so unique among the ENDWeapons, it falls within its own class of Obliteration. This weapon system is a focused nuclear charge that projects out of the mouth of the ENDWeapon, allowing it to gain purchase on the surface through which it will be piercing, using its wide-opening jaw, to achieve maximum stability. This latching of sorts is necessary, as the focused power of the nuclear blast is of sufficient magnitude to propel the ENDWeapon if not properly secured.

Because of the location of this weapon system, the O-6 is the only ENDWeapon to house its proxy brain in its main body, not its head or most head-like section. This ensures maximum protection from the intense ionizing radiation of the nuclear blast that could damage the sensitive living tissue of the brain, especially when paired.

As its primary defense is its armor, the O-6 is designed as the fastest ENDWeapon, allowing it to get in and out of enemy territory as quickly as possible. To accomplish such speeds and allow for maximum agility with a legged machine, three features unique to the O-6 have been implemented. First, it is primarily quadrupedal, although when swiftness is not necessary it can just as easily function as a biped. Second, the O-6 is built around a spinal structure. This spine aids in both speed and agility, and extends from the head to the tail, which it its third unique feature. The purpose of the tail is strictly for balance while running on all fours, although it can be used for stabilization during other activities.

While the prototype depicted in this report is not equipped with such weaponry, the left and right shoulders of the production model of the O-6 are occupied by a cluster of six laser-guided missiles and a railgun respectively, which ensure the O-6 can eliminate any viable threat to itself.

As are all ENDWeapons, the O-6 is piloted remotely via quantum-paired proxy brain housed in the ENDWeapon, which, along with its native counterpart, is equipped with a consciousness synchronization apparatus. Even though the O-6 is not a Dreadnought Contingency Agent, it was still given a dual obrinium skeleton, with the exoskeleton to make sure it could survive atmospheric drop and heavy enemy fire, as well as structural reinforcement for sustaining the impact from an accelerated fall from LEO.

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