Awareness is an experimental project I'm currently testing to see how well it can help me deal with the stress of idea-induced sleep-deprivation. It should come as no surprise to those who know me well that I can develop a great difficulty in becoming mentally inactive enough to actually achieve unconsciousness. It's become decidedly problematic, and thus is one of the few sources of true stress in my life. As I often do, I was thinking to myself right before coming up with the idea for Awareness, which, as thinking seems to be be based off language, was sort of a conversation with myself. I imagined the humorous potential of assigning fictional archetypal personifications to various aspects of my psyche. What followed was more an exercise in self-awareness of thought.

Awareness should help with stress by being an outlet for my otherwise imprisoned, feedback-loop-educing thoughts that occur during the dark, lonely hours. They can get pretty out of hand. Like I can spit out a decently-formed plot for a well thought-out scifi story in about 5mins from inception, which I have done on multiple occasions. (Yes, I realize that "decently-formed" and "well thought-out" are extremely biased assessments for one to make of oneself.) For instance, in the same night I started Awareness, I came up with what is hopefully one of the most epic Star Wars fan-fics ever devised (the protagonist discovers his level of Force-sensitivity allows him to stop time if sufficiently passionate, and he eventually optimizes lightsaber combat by developing his own combat style and lightsaber design.) It's possible Awareness will only ever have a single installment, but if I feel like it, I may try it again as a coping mechanism for sleep deprivation.