Nightstalker (2010)

(For a description of this creation as in The Dreadnought Contingency universe, click [here].)

One of my all-time favorites, Nightstalker (originally Night Stalker - Upgraded Version) was the culmination of my efforts to create a thoroughly original, well-built, and badass mech after being inspired and influenced by many creations and creators on MOCpages, most notably this guy (if you think my stuff is good...don't click the link, because I want things to stay that way). As with the other attempts, at least up to Nightstalker, I set for myself the criteria of the mech having to be posable, as in not having fixed joints, being able to support its own weight, and being able to house a full minifigure (he's in the main body, believe it or not.) As you can see, I was going for intimidating with this one, because if any military or other organization were to ever actually create such a machine, its best weapon would be its ability to make the enemy crap their pants and run. And so, I decided to relocate the flamethrower from Harbinger to below the jaw on Nightstalker, via a rubber band, so that it basically can breathe fire. That is, of course, one of many changes from this project's previous version.

I really liked Harbinger, but it was woefully unsatisfactory as far as weapons go. As you can see, I fixed the problem. I kept the hijack blades for each arm, but added some more variety as well. On the right arm, I added a hand for further anthropomorphism, thus intimidation, and for general use, including combat. On the wrist of the right arm is a virally-enhanced plasmic missile, which has a virus written into the plasma (one of my less believable technologies) that gets ejected on impact and disables any and all electronic systems of its target. On the back end of the arm is a laser cannon, powered independently of the mech by a seven-cell linear reactor on that arm.

The left arm has the guns. Coming directly out of the left arm is a railgun, and below that is a multi-ammunition rotary cannon (MARC) fed from the reloadable ammo pack behind the elbow. The idea is that the one gun can switch between firing multiple kinds of ammunition, including ammunition of different sizes, very quickly and easily. I speculated that perhaps this could be achieved with some sort of unique bore construction of several curved metal sheets (think long, curly hair kind of curl) that can tighten or loosen around each other to change the diameter of the bore.

On the shoulders I kept the nuclear missiles from Harbinger, but added the missile packs, as seen in the main picture, and moved the fuel tanks for the flamethrower so that there's one behind each arm instead of both on the back.

Embracing the serpentine/reptilian feel of the head and neck, I added the scales on the back. Let's say they're cooling blades for the main reactor. I also added some more toes on the side of the feet for better traction and agility in the developmental version before this one, but I'm still not very satisfied with how they turned out.


That looks pretty freakin' badass if you ask me



V1.1 (Harbinger)


V2.0 - Utilitarian Variant

V2.1 (Resurrected)