The Engineer's Bedroom

In 2012, my family moved to a place where no house had previously existed. Fortunately for me, that meant the design of my room could be heavily influenced by myself. One of the best ideas I ever had eventually struck me: to use pegboard for the walls. The walls weren't entirely pegboard, partly because I opted for dry-erase board on one section, and partly because my mother wanted at least a little bit to be standard drywall. For the most part however, the walls were pegboard from floor to ceiling. I also chose hardwood floor so that rolling chairs could be used to full effect, and because it looks a great deal nicer than carpet. It was also simpler to clean, requiring only a broom and dustpan, as opposed to a cumbersome corded vacuum.

Not only did the pegboard allow for simple, organized storage that finally ended my bad habit of keeping a perpetually messy room, it also provided the perfect platform for displaying my knife and NERF gun collections. As an added bonus, it made what little wire routing I did for the lights, speakers, and other environmental controls a breeze, and kept them permanently in place while also being easily modifiable.

Its evolution lasted as long as my residency, as could be expected, but the general layout of the room, including where my knives and NERF guns went, remained as I planned before the pegboard was even put up.