This was just an attempt to pack as much gear onto a single leg-mountable unit as possible. Even though it weighed several pounds, it was surprisingly secure on the leg, and all the gear was quite secure and fairly easily accessible. The section on the right had some free range of motion so the Supersheath could conform to your leg and be more comfortable and secure than otherwise.

Here's a list of the gear used:

SOG Kiku - Large Fixed, Black TiNi

Full-size Black KA-BAR, Straight Edge

KA-BAR Becker Campanion

Nitecore SRT7

SOG Seal Pup

Gerber DMF Folder, Tanto, Serrated

Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel

Leatherman XL MOLLE Sheath - Brown

Leatherman Surge - Black Oxide

Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener

Gerber LMF II Leg Strap

2x Tek Lok w/ Hardware



First Version