Orbital Deployment ENDWeapons

Four of the ENDWeapons are LEO satellite-deployed to provide immediate response and a minimum time to target. A fifth machine, the ER-0 Liberator, is deployed from a dormancy satellite in geostationary orbit. This is because the ER-0 is designed to be capable, in the event of a national or global catastrophe, of ensuring the entrance to the Monarch Facility is clear for the participants of Project Adamas to begin repopulating the surface.

The four LEO deployment satellites house perhaps the most efficient ENDWeapons, the Retaliation Class ENDWeapons and the O-6 Eviscerator. These machines are designed for emergency situations where timing is extremely critical, thus standard DS deployment is not appropriate. These satellites are each equipped with three laser weapon systems to maintain a safe and stable orbit and to provide support to the ENDWeapon during drop so that it may land exactly on its intended target. Because a free-fall from LEO can take several minutes, the satellites house their respective ENDWeapons in acceleration capsules which break apart shortly before touchdown.