MC-1 (2009)

Originally named the Missile Commander, the MC-1 was the largest and most thoroughly missile-packed creation in my Missile Command theme. It housed a total of 31 missiles, all of which could be cleanly contained within the vehicle or folded out to launch. There were five different kinds of missiles the MC-1 was capable of launching: the small, red, pointy-tipped missiles on the top, the long-range missiles just below those, the small, black, spheroid missiles, and below that, the standard missiles that fold out from within the very center of the vehicle, lastly the cannon-style tactical nuke that can be brought out of the rear section.

There were a number of things I liked about this creation. It looked very clean when closed, and yet held a surprising amount of weaponry within. Additionally it was a good utilization of the large trailer chassis I rarely had the opportunity to implement. The only thing I didn't like about it was how I had not yet realized the necessity of axle reinforcements for long Technic axles, the lack of which resulted in some slightly noticeable bend in both the front and rear axles of the creation, due to the relative weight and axle length.