Benchmade 375 Handle Scales

The knife came skeletonized and with paracord to wrap the handle if desired. I figured if I was gonna flesh out the handle of this knife, I was gonna do it properly. And so I went about fashioning by hand from some 1/4in oak I picked up at Lowe's, with a bandsaw, Dremel, and sandpaper, some ergonomic handle scales. I made sure the handle scales would be sized such that the jimping on the knife would remain functional, and that the pommel would be sufficiently exposed so that it could be used for general destructive purposes, such as breaking glass. The holes in the steel of the handle of the knife are much larger than the screws used to secure the scales to the knife, so I used some hard rubber washers that came with a pack of nails my dad had for just such an occasion to help secure the scales. You can see a little bit of one of the washers blocking up the forward-most hole in the knife handle, which I did simply for aesthetic reasons.

For the most part, the scales held up quite well during some throwing, which is about the most abusive thing you can do to a knife short of intentionally destroying it, especially if you aren't very good at it. However, some mild damage around the screw heads developed.