Eratically New Defense Weapon Program

The Eratically New Defense Weapon Program was established to create superlatively advanced and effective weapons in preparation for the apparently inevitable third World War. Because of the ambition and risk involved, the The Monarch Corporation was established to keep this program, and Project Adamas, out of the eye of those who would oppose such measures. The ENDWeapon Program is also highly experimental. It is intended to redefine the limits of technological advancement, especially with respect to its application in war.

The ENDWeapons employ two proprietary technologies: obrinium forming and consciousness synchronization. All ENDWeapons are given an obrinium endoskeleton to support their massive size and a consciousness synchronization apparatus to render their respective pilots in absolute control, as well as nuclear fission reactors for power and self-cooled quantum supercomputers for data processing. However, four ENDWeapons were also given an exoskeleton of obrinium for various purposes. These four, plus the ER-0 Liberator, make up the orbital-deployment ENDWeapons.

While not technically a part of the ENDWeapon Program, because of its design the ER-0 is designated as such for purposes of classification.

Here is a list of all 12 ENDWeapons, as well as the ER-0, and their respective quantities totaling 78. They are classified by maximum potential energy output.

ER-0 Liberator, 1

The [I-4 Gravity], the second most powerful combat frame of the ENDWeapon program.

R-1 Wyvern, 1

[R-2 Supplanter], 1

R-3 Harbinger, 1

[I-4 Gravity], 3

[I-5 Sasquatch], 5

O-6 Eviscerator, 1

[E-7 Instigator], 10

[E-8 Eradicator], 1

[S-9 Sentry], 15

[E-10 Antigravity], 5

[S-11 Overseer], 15

[S-12 Horizon], 20