Monarch Facility

The Monarch facility serves two purposes: to facilitate the creation and operation of the ENDWeapons, and to act as the residence for the participants of Project Adamas.

Buried under three kilometers of earth, the facility is rectangularly shaped, housing 27 sectors in three layers of nine. The top-most layer is comprised of eight residential sectors surrounding the egression sector. The middle layer is similarly constructed, with eight more residential sectors encompassing the manufacturing sector. The bottom-most layer exists in support of the others, with the executive sector occupying the center, the two reactor sectors to its north and south, the two resource processing sectors to its east and west, and storage sectors occupying the four corners.

Residential sectors make up the majority of the facility, as they exist to house and aid in the support of the participants of Project Adamas. These sectors are where most of the facility’s occupants go about their daily lives. Made up of nine levels including housing, dining, education and productivity, and recreation, each residential sector is designed to operate completely independently of the others.

Should the participants of Project Adamas need to begin rebuilding civilization, the egression sector is equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to ensure an expeditious recovery of humanity. It is also the only sector with above-ground access, meaning it is used as the entrance into the facility for all participants, and the exit for all ENDWeapons and other products of the ENDWeapon Program.

The manufacturing sector is where the ENDWeapons and other products of the ENDWeapon Program are produced. It also exists to facilitate the rebuilding of civilization, as it is an ideal place for the fabricating of many things necessary to such an enterprise.

The executive sector is the heart of the facility. It houses a reactor for the purpose of powering the core sectors: executive, manufacturing, and egression. In addition to being the sector from which all others are monitored and controlled if necessary, it is home to the ENDWeapon pilots; the monitoring of ENDWeapon operation; and research and development for both the ENDWeapon Program and Project Adamas.

A rather self-explanatory pair of sectors, the reactor sectors can power all but the core sectors of the facility, and provide an infrastructure of power should the surface need to be repopulated. The north reactor is for the former purpose with the south reactor being for the latter, but they are identical and therefore interchangeable for the sake of redundancy. The reactor sectors are also where nuclear waste is processed.

Another fairly self-explanatory pair of sectors, the resource-processing sectors are for the extraction and refinement of raw materials from the earth surrounding the facility, including water, and the processing to make used resources reusable. Each residential layer is designated its own resource processing sector, and these sectors can be re-purposed to function for above-ground establishments, should the need arise.

With each residential layer having its own storage sector to store supplies for the sustenance of Project Adamas, the other two are for storing resources used to yield products of the ENDWeapon program and for deep storage, where bulk resources for rebuilding civilization are kept.