ATAM 2 (2009)

An offshoot of the ATAM, the second All-Terrain Assault Machine had a greater focus on weapon quantity and diversity. The legs had much to be desired though, in fact they apparently had to be locked in place to support the weight of the mech. The original ATAM was, admittedly, much better overall. Like its predecessor, the ATAM 2 exists in the Mars Mission universe or some equivalent due to its crystal power source.

The ATAM 2 likely has the greatest weapon diversity of any of my single creations. Above the main body are six larger missiles, and then on the main body from left to right is some sort of sonic repulsion device, a long-range cannon, another smaller cannon, what I recall as being some sort of short-range electrical weapon, a 4-shot grenade launcher, and a small machine gun attached to it (which was a modified piece). Below the main body are four fixed guns, a wide-range dual machine gun, and smaller retractable missiles that can fold down when the machine guns aren't in their way.