ATAM (2009)

I am still very proud of my first mech, the All-Terrain Assault Machine. I never really felt like I could build a proper body shape for a mech before ATAM, especially with respect to legs, but I knew I could once ATAM was fully constructed.

ATAM came about as the creation built around a minifigure chair design I saw and greatly liked on MOCpages. As you can see, I managed to work some decent retractable machine guns into the mech. There are also the anti-vehicle cannons on the underside of the body, the small missiles on each of the two back sections, and I suppose those are some sort of anti-air guns up there as well. Additionally, there are rifles attached to the legs for if the pilot ever needs to dismount, and tools for the pilot to repair the mech if need be. There was a winch in the back (which for some reason was not present during the time the pictures were taken) for utility purposes, and the whole machine is powered by green energy crystals, putting ATAM in the Mars Mission universe, or some parallel universe. There are also a pair of spiky mines the mech can drop from below the crystals. Additionally, I gave it a pair of spikes on each foot to allow it to dig into the ground if it needs extra traction.