The Dreadnought Contingency

I'm writing a book!

...or something like that. I'm not quite sure what exactly it'll be yet, hopefully a movie some day, but I'm gonna call it, "The Dreadnought Contingency."

Anyway, this is an in-development, wiki-style database about the universe in which it takes place, which is Earth in the near(ish)-future.

More About The Dreadnought Contingency Wiki:

For you random readers out there on the internet (or anyone I know who’s scummy enough to take advantage [or likes my stuff too much to leave it alone]), I will preface things by saying that everything contained in this wiki (and the simple-English version) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives liscense, which more-or-less means that all you can do with it is share it. This is so that I can share my in-development ideas on the internet, while making sure that whatever it is I publish will be the first of its kind (at least from a legal standpoint). This restriction will only be in effect, however, until a movie adaptation of the book is made.

There is no narrative material in the wiki, only technical explanations of things, but if you can find it, there is a hint about something that may happen in the story.

Creative Commons License